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With a consistent production system and vast technological expertise, ATOM Seimitsu aims to achieve a "never say no" manufacturing.
We welcome those who are eager to grow alongside us the future.

Supporting cutting-edge
manufacturing for innovative

Our company is involved in the development, design, processing, assembly, and improvement of industrial and production equipment, including the semiconductor field. Join us, as we continue to provide satisfaction to our customers through our knowledge and experience, and together, let's challenge the infinite possibilities the future of the equipment industry. Why not take on this challenge with us?

Our Company

Creating a comfortable
working environment
and comprehensive
employee benefits

We prioritize a stress-free work environment by offering flexible vacation options tailored to individual preferences and ensuring a comprehensive benefits package. Additionally, we actively support skill development, organizing interactive sessions such as English conversation within the company.

Overview of ATOM Seimitsu

Our Work

From development and design to
processing, assembly, and

We are promoting business efficiency through the implementation of internal education and skill development initiatives. Additionally, we are dedicated to creating a comfortable work environment. Our entire team collaborates as one unit, working towards the production of high-quality equipment that ensures customer satisfaction.

Design Engineering Department

We make progress through comprehensive review of different types of complex mechanical operations and systems, making sure that models are detailed and correct and with proper rigidity and strength calculations using 3D modeling software such as iCAD, Inventor, Creo Elements and AutoCAD with the addition of highly technical electrical design as well.
Additionally, we also deal with the development of operating software and touch panel interfaces using PLC technology.
Design engineers accompany client meetings to propose machines, devices and systems that align with their needs. The ability to gather and consolidate customer requirements is crucial in this role.

Purchasing and Materials Department

The Purchasing and Materials Department is responsible for sourcing necessary parts from over 500 domestic and international suppliers at the best prices and to the required specifications.
Additionally, it handles requests for processed parts from our partner companies. Due to the need for inventory management and coordination with other departments, strong communication skills are essential, in addition to knowledge of technical drawings.

Manufacturing Department
(Mechanical Assembly/Electrical Wiring)

Our company has extensive experience in assembling precision equipment, particularly in the field of industrial machinery such as semiconductor devices (for inspection, transportation etc.) which require meticulous techniques in handling industrial equipment.
We work among a wide range of industry devices, from small-sized test equipment to large-scale mass production equipment spanning as large as 30 meters, and devices equipped with heavy components and machinery. We are looking for individuals with strong collaborative skills to effectively progress through tasks as a team.

About Our Employees

About Our Employees

"Interview with Senior employees at Atom Seimitsu: Exploring Motivations for Joining, Job Responsibilities, and Goals."

Purchasing Department

Eiji Arisa Group Leader

Involved in manufacturing through comprehensive procurement operations, covering everything from drawings to assembly

"Having prior experience in manufacturing at my previous company, I was attracted to Atom Seimitsu. I applied for a position due to their holistic approach to product development, spanning from the design stage to the final product. The appeal of the role lies in its diverse involvement in procurement tasks throughout various stages, offering an opportunity to broaden my knowledge and experience."

Aligning tasks according to the schedule provides an opportunity to leverage communication skills.

"My primary role involves procuring and organizing processing components for equipment installation. I solicit quotes from different processing vendors, making selections based on factors like price, delivery time, and quality. It's essential to evaluate the strengths of each vendor during the selection process."

I aim to refine my skills in interpreting drawing and become someone relied upon by others.

"I aim to gather extensive experience and knowledge, enabling me to estimate the approximate cost of components by simply examining the drawings, akin to seasoned colleagues. Additionally, I prioritize effective communication, aspiring to be someone approachable and reliable. I encourage colleagues from the field to consult with me and rely on my support without any hesitation."

How I spend My Days Off

"On my days off, I eagerly anticipate embarking on trips with my family and our Shiba Inu (Dog). I take pleasure in delving into the local cuisines of our travel destinations, constantly expanding my list of favorite restaurants. If you're ever interested, don't hesitate to reach out—I have a lot of recommendations for delicious places!"

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Engineering Design Department

Takumi Fujita Supervisor

Applying knowledge of drawing and equipment, I embark on the path of machinery and manufacturing

"I became a part of Atom Seimitsu because it gave me the opportunity to work with the machinery and equipment that I've always admired. My expertise in machine maintenance, developed through interpreting drawings, was acknowledged, resulting in my placement in the design department. Furthermore, the company's consistent performance and the flexibility in taking vacations were additional appealing factors."

I take customer requests and turn them into design solutions, actively participating in the selection process for each component, beginning with individual parts.

"My main responsibility involves mechanical design, using CAD software to create 2D drawings from the initial concepts provided by customers and expanding them into 3D models. I carefully select each component, taking into account factors such as cost and safety. The gratification comes from witnessing the devices I design come together on the actual site, providing a sense of accomplishment in my work."

I aim to cultivate an overarching perspective and become a relied-upon designer.

"While I have acquired a fundamental understanding of mechanical, piping, and electrical design crucial for industrial equipment, I keenly feel the lack of proficiency in integrating these aspects comprehensively during the design process. I aspire to become a designer who, like senior colleagues, considers complex elements, takes into account the situation, and achieves a balanced design overall."

How I spend My Days Off

"On my days off, I enjoy hiking in the scenic mountains, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience by equipping myself with proper hiking gear. I delight in choosing routes based on my condition and mood each time. When schedules align, I occasionally climb with like-minded friends. It's a perfect way to refresh and recharge."

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Manufacturing Department Electrical Group

Akira Kumemoto Supervisor

Mastering the field of 'electrical' components, including control systems, PLCs, motors, and semiconductors

"In my previous position, I worked as an electrical engineer, but I began to develop an interest in control-related aspects such as PLCs and motors, expanding my expertise beyond electrical work. Additionally, as I was intrigued by the semiconductor field, which plays a crucial role in the current industrial landscape, I found Atom Seimitsu appealing for its opportunity to be involved consistently not only in electrical work but also in control-related aspects. This led to my decision to join the company."

As an electrical specialist, I assemble devices for various industries, including semiconductors, food, pharmaceuticals, and others.

"I handle tasks such as electrical cable processing, crimping, wiring, and conducting continuity checks. Lately, I've also been actively participating in program installations. What I find most compelling about Atom Seimitsu is the chance to contribute to industrial equipment spanning diverse industries, including semiconductor devices. Immersing myself in a variety of industrial equipment continually exposes me to new technologies and techniques, fostering a natural improvement in my skills."

While aiming for more specialized certifications, I also want to acquire skills beyond electrical expertise.

"Currently, in between work, I am studying to obtain the Class 3 Electrician License. I aim to acquire more advanced technical skills and knowledge to apply to my job. Additionally, I want to develop skills beyond electrical expertise, such as program installations and mechanical assembly. I aspire to contribute to the company's future business plans."

How I spend My Days Off

"During weekends, I've been studying for certifications and practicing the guitar consistently. It's fulfilling to see my skills steadily improve. Moving forward, I plan to continue honing my abilities consistently and take on the challenge of mastering more complex musical pieces."

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