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Environmental Policy


iso14001 認証取得


We recognized global environmental conservation and pollution prevention that are our important task of management as we have been doing our coherent production system.
So, we set up this environmental policy that aims for harmony of business and environment.

With these basic policies, we recognize the influence of environmental from our business.
After that, we will set up environmental objectives and examine those objectives.
Also, all employees try to solve this environmental problem and improve constantly.

  1. 事業活動にあたって、汚染予防や、環境負荷を低減させるために、次の項目に取り組みます。
  2. 環境保全に関連する法規制及び当社が同意したその他の要求事項を遵守します。
  3. 全従業員が環境保全に対する意識を向上させ、環境方針が理解できるように環境マネジメントシステムの周知、実行、維持を徹底します。また、外部からの要求があれば、環境方針を開示します。
  1. We will follow the rules below for environmental conservation and pollution prevention in the course of doing business.
    (1) Proceed with plan for global warming by reducing consumption energy.
    (2) Proceed with plan of recycling and reducing industrial waste with our creative idea.
    (3) Participating in campaign for conservation of environment.
  2. We obey relevant law and regulation of environmental conservation.
  3. We will make an effort to enlighten all employees thoroughly about importance of environmental conservation and our rules for that. Also, if there is any requirements, we will express our environmental policy clearly.

2008年 8月 1日
代表取締役 一瀬 康剛