Main Office

Equipment Specifics
Factory area 1st Factory:461 ㎡
2nd Factory (Clean booth) :162.57 ㎡
Forklift 3.5t
Whist crane 2.8t
Power supply 1st Factory:AC200V/200A
2nd Factory:AC200V/200A

At the first factory, we conduct assembly ranging from tabletop development and experimental equipment to large-scale devices, utilizing a 2.8-ton hoist crane for structures as tall as 4 meters and spanning over 20 meters.

At the second factory, we perform the assembly of precision instruments and devices for applications such as semiconductors within a cleanroom environment (Class 1000). With a ceiling height of 5 meters, we are equipped to manufacture large-scale devices under cleanroom conditions.


Hachioji Ongata Factory

Equipment Specifics
Factory area 1F workshop:648.43 ㎡
Forklift 2.0t
Whist crane 2.8t
Power supply 480V/300A、210V/600A etc.

At our facility, equipped with two 2.8-ton hoist cranes, we have a manufacturing area that spans over a linear distance of 30 meters and a ceiling height of 5.5 meters. With this facility, we can conduct real-time operational checks of mass production line equipment before shipment. Additionally, we have the capability to handle the transportation of large vehicles, including 10-ton trucks.

Our newly constructed facility, completed in August 2023, is fully equipped with special power sources (480V/300A, 210V/600A, etc.), enabling us to perform operational checks (pre-shipment inspections) tailored to various conditions, including equipment destined for overseas facilities.

九州工場 作業場
ホイストクレーン 2.8t

Hachioji Ishikawa Factory

Equipment Specifics
Factory area Clean booth:429 ㎡
Workshop:694.65 ㎡
Forklift 2.5t
Power supply AC200V/250A
In our large-scale cleanroom (Class 1000), we manufacture mass production equipment for the semiconductor industry.


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