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Personal Information Protection Policy

The ATOM Group recognizes the importance of the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” (hereinafter “the Act”) and personal information,and it strives to protect it and earn its customers’ trust by handling personal information in accordance with the policy outlined below.

Personal Information Purpose of Use

The Group will either clearly indicate the purpose of personal information use upon obtaining the personal information from the customer or announce it on its website or other location, and it will handle personal information within the scope required for achieving said purpose. Specifics are posted on each Group company’s “Personal Information Protection Policy” page.

Personal Information Obtained

The Group may gather personal information from the customer within the scope required when conducting surveys or providing e-mail distribution services in order to provide better service to the customer. Gathering of said information will be done in a legal and fair manner. When personal information is gathered from sources other than the customer, the customer’s consent will be obtained.

Safe Handling of Personal Information

The Group will take the necessary precautions and carry out appropriate safety management to prevent the leakage, loss, destruction, modification, unauthorized access, etc., of the information obtained from the customer.

Organizational Framework

The Group will establish regulations for handling customers’ personal information standardized across the Group companies, and it will fully disseminate, maintain, and improve the regulations to employees (executives, staff, part-time employees, temporary employees) and other outsourced personnel at the Group companies.

Provision and Disclosure to Third Parties

The Group, with the exception of situations established in the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” and other laws and regulations, will never provide or disclose customers’ personal information to third parties without their consent.

Provision and Disclosure to Outsourcing Contractors

The Group may provide customers’ personal information to the outsourcing contractors of Group companies when required for fulfilling the purpose of use. Group companies will provide appropriate guidance and supervision for outsourcing contractors’ handling of customers’ personal information. In addition, customer information currently possessed by companies who join the Group in the future may be shared with the entire Group within the scope of the purpose of use. The companies that comprise the Group may mutually share the personal information they have retained within the scope of the purpose of use.

Disclosure and Change, etc., of Customers’ Personal Information

When the customer requests the disclosure, correction, deletion, suspension of use, etc., of the customer’s personal information that is in a Group company’s possession, the Group will response quickly in an appropriate manner.

Reviewing the Privacy Policy

The details of this Privacy Policy are continuously reviewed and may be changed without prior notice, so be sure to view them periodically.


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