Our operations are supported by a thorough quality control system.
We can accommodate rush orders on an individual basis.
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ATOM SEIMITSU follows the basic process outlined below up to to delivery.

1. Inquiry

Contact us via telephone, fax, or by using the inquiry form.


Let us know your requests and concerns.
・Industrial machinery for manufacturing/inspecting new products
・Making production more efficient
・Reducing the space required for installation


We will provide a proposal that addresses your issues based on the information we have received.

4.Order Receipt

Once we receive your order, we will begin designing and manufacturing the product.


We will create a detailed design based on the specifications we have received and the details shared during our meetings.
We will also utilize design review to confirm that we are meeting the design specifications.

6.Parts Procurement and Receipt

We will order parts after selecting the best supplier in terms of quality, cost, and delivery deadline.
Once the parts have been received, our Materials Department will conduct an quality inspection.

7.Assembly and Adjustment

After assembling the parts, we will perform assembly wiring.
For areas that require adjustments, we will adjust them to meet the specifications.

8.Attendance Inspection

Once the device is complete, we will perform an inspection where the customer is present if one is desired.
(An interim inspection is also possible if the customer requests it.)

9.Delivery and Installation

We will perform installation and adjustments in accordance with the customer’s wishes at the factory of their choice.

In addition to the delivery process mentioned above, we offer flexible order options tailored to your requirements. This includes executing parts procurement, assembly, wiring, and installation based on your design drawing. We can also accommodate various order types such as parts procurement, acceptance inspection, packaging, and delivery.
Please feel free to reach out with any inquiries or specific requests


Please get in touch if you have any questions about our products or any other inquiries.

By Phone

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